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Print the Ten Commandments

The powerful Ten Commandments weren't numbered when they were first written down in the Bible. So, over the centuries, different groups of people numbered the commandments differently. One way is listed directly below. Follow the links below to view and print out a sheet that has three different numbering sequences. All three are suitable for memorization to fulfill the requirements for earning the encouragement rewards.
To print your copy of the three memorizable text versions of The Ten Commandments,
click on the link below:
Download a .pdf file of the Ten Commandments
(perfect for saving and printing out multiple copies - requires Acrobat Reader)


What is the Ten Commandments Project?

Horrified by story lines on television programs, children killing children, children having children, violent lyrics, school violence and gang warfare, and the effect of these problems on our country’s moral conscience – George Kelley and his wife, Marion, started the Ten Commandments Project in the spring of 1997. The original focus was on encouraging children to memorize the Ten Commandments.  It was the Kelley’s belief that children would never forget that someone cared enough to encourage them to understand what is and is not acceptable conduct.

The Ten Commandments Project has now provides encouragement incentives to both young children and, most recently, to prison inmates who will memorize the Ten Commandments. When individuals know the Ten Commandments, the laws will plant themselves into the subconscious mind and soul of each person and help them make the right decisions as they find themselves in situations where they need to make positive life choices.

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