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Print the Ten Commandments

The powerful Ten Commandments weren't numbered when they were first written down in the Bible. So, over the centuries, different groups of people numbered the commandments differently. One way is listed directly below. Follow the links below to view and print out a sheet that has three different numbering sequences. All three are suitable for memorization to fulfill the requirements for earning the encouragement rewards.
To print your copy of the three memorizable text versions of The Ten Commandments,
click on the link below:
Download a .pdf file of the Ten Commandments
(perfect for saving and printing out multiple copies - requires Acrobat Reader)


Children Memorizing

Since the beginning of the Ten Commandments Project, thousands of children have memorized God's Rules for Living.  We are very blessed in that the list keeps growing every day!

Memorization Affidavits as of April 2014:

Over 32,400!

Prison Inmates Memorizing

Our newest ministry is working with prison inmates to encourage memorization of The Ten Commandments.  We're really excited and thankful about how the program is being received!

Prison Inmate Memorization Affidavits as of April 2014.

Over 900!

God's Rules for Living

We invite you to read some of the inspiring testimonials provided by the women inmates who have memorized the Ten Commandments through our initiative. This will make a difference in their lives and their relationships with their families.